How to Use Your Leads to Create a Successful Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

Written by Margot Banks

August 8, 2020

Your telemarketing leads, whether leads for insurance agents, sales leads, or leads for any business, make up the foundation of your effective telemarketing campaign.

A telemarketing campaign or simply telemarketing is a great way for any business to connect with its leads and gather pertinent information that would further help boost its brand. Unlike telemarketing sales or telesales, which specifically targets to close a deal or purchase, a telemarketing campaign is meant to open doors that would lead to sales, market research, and other marketing strategies.

We’ll walk you through the different types of telemarketing campaigns as well as how to create a successful outbound telemarketing campaign using the ever convenient and efficient purchased leads.

Telemarketing Services for Different Telemarketing Campaigns

A telemarketing call center offers different services depending on the needs or nature of business. A lead’s contact information may be acquired and then used differently depending on the following types of a telemarketing campaign.

Inbound Telemarketing

This type is most profitable since it involves receiving incoming calls from prospective customers who are already interested in your product or service after seeing it in, say, an advertisement. It is now up to you to turn your caller into a client.

Outbound Telemarketing

In outbound telemarketing, agents work through a cold prospect list to introduce whatever product or service a business offers. Cold calling, as it is called, is a bit tricky and needs great strategy since your leads do not yet have any idea about what you are about to offer.

B2B Telemarketing

B2B or Business-to-Business telemarketing is meant to build bridges between two businesses. Through this, you could also build a better reputation and network for your business that would in turn encourage trust from your clients, both existing and prospective.

B2C Telemarketing

B2C is a product-driven telemarketing type that directly engages the consumer or end-user. It is quite similar to outbound telemarketing and is bound to bring in lots of clients when done properly.

Marketing Strategies That Give Warmth to a Cold Call

Phase I – Before the Cold Call

The beginning is always the most difficult part. When starting your outbound customer services or campaigns, avoid getting cold feet by following these quick and easy steps.

Acquire a Verified and High-Quality Call List

Just like any other marketing campaign, you have to have a target market. The same rule applies in telemarketing, the more verified and segmented the leads list is, the better.

Sure, you can gather your leads, in fact, a telemarketing campaign is an effective tool in getting more accurate data. However, you may skip this time-consuming task by simply purchasing from a reputable source, like Powerline Leads, so you can focus all your time and energy on the campaign itself.

Validate Laws on Your Leads’ Location

There are some countries or states that have legislation in place that govern telemarketing campaigns or sales. You have to be privy to these; otherwise, you might end up paying fines or getting blacklisted.It’s always recommended to seek legal consultants’ advice.

Clear and Specific Goals

Like how you started your business, you have to be clear and specific on what you are trying to achieve with your campaign. Are you simply raising awareness for your brand, or are you trying to make direct sales?From here, you can then create a suitable script that you can use as a guide when you finally make your calls.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It won’t hurt you to do some mock calls first before diving into live ones. You may ask for your colleagues’ or friends’ help on this. Aside from enhancing your script and perfecting your tone or approach, you can also get insights from new and different perspectives.

Phase II – During the Cold Call

Once they pick up the phone, there’s no turning back for you. Keep your cool, stick with your plans, and focus on your goals.

Be Confident

This type is most profitable since it involves receiving incoming calls from prospective customers who are already interested in your product or service after seeing it in, say, an advertisement. It is now up to you to turn your caller into a client.

Be Professional

Keep a natural and genuine tone, and keep your cool when you get rejected. Be polite throughout and remember, you’re the one who reached out. A cold calling should be carried out with utmost professionalism to avoid turning it into a disaster.

There are undoubtedly various techniques in creating subject lines that are proven to be effective. Below are some of those.

Phase III – After the Cold Call

The hardest part is over, but there is still a lot of work to do.


Regardless if you got what you want or not, thank the person for their time. Be polite and be grateful.

Punctuality on Deliverables

At some point, you commit to giving something to the person on the other line – whether a link to your webpage, an e-book tutorial, or your products brochure. When you do, be sure you provide what you’ve promised as soon as the call ends (or within the call if you can manage).

Objective Assessment

When you get a “No” for an answer, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end for you. Take time to reflect. Did the lead mean “Not-Ever No”, or just a “Not-Now No”?

If it turned out to be a successful call, list down what went right on the call. Think of the turning point(s) where you were able to convince your lead.By taking these extra miles, you keep track of your campaign performances. Consequently, you get a bigger picture of what you should continue doing, and what you should improve on.

A high-quality leads list purchased from an efficient and reputable source combined with the right attitude and strategy would make for a successful telemarketing campaign.

Always remember to keep the right mindset as you work towards achieving your set goals. Remember to assess each call whether you got a yes or a no. Have a carefully laid out plan and convert every phone number into a loyal client.