The Ingredients In Creating Great Content For Your Campaign Mailing Leads

Written by Margot Banks

August 14, 2020

Direct advertising is often the preferred choice in writing email content, whether it is for food, realtor, travel, or any other email marketing campaign. Business owners tend to overlook the importance of actually building a relationship with their leads. 

One way to build a relationship is to send email content that actually interests and is relevant to your leads. Remember, you spent your money on purchasing high-quality leads; you might as well exert extra effort in actually nurturing them. 

Don’t just feed your leads with mindless data or bombard them with boring ads, give them something that would entice them, and nurture your relationship with them. Always think of the long-term; never settle for a quick but one-time sell. 

Below, I will share with you the right ingredients needed to cook up great content for your valuable leads.

Serve Enticing Content Marketing

If you opted to buy a targeted email list then good for you, I say you are off to a great start. A targeted direct mail list allows you to establish a connection with people who may actually be interested in your product. This way, every email you send out won’t be wasted. 

The best way, however, to ensure that no email is wasted is to come up with great content for every email that you send out. Think about trying out a new dish; the presentation may encourage you to have a taste but it would be how it actually tastes that would make you want to finish up the whole serving. 

Great content is not only limited to your direct mail campaign, of course. It could cover anything including your site blog posts, social media posts, videos, or on any other platform that links to your product or brand. Every email or blog content that you craft and serve to your target market represents your brand. I’m sure you would want “great” to be associated with your brand, so always make great content. 

Having only relevant and stellar content on your email campaigns as well as on your blog or website paves the way for increased site traffic and more conversions. Don’t waste your time and resources on churning out multiple but poorly crafted content. Always choose to write great content that would build a successful brand.

Save Money and Time with these Content Creations Ingredients

Great content is like great food, but instead of feeding the body, it feeds the mind and the soul. Unless of course, it’s crafted poorly. 

We’ve collated the premium ingredients that can help enhance the way you cook information and plate your thoughts. So, hold on to your fork folks, we’ll now start serving!

Fresh Meat and Raw Vegetables

Like how you’d want your dish’s main ingredients to be fresh and raw, you’d need your content’s main thought to be original and genuine.

The competition in content marketing is too tight, you need something new and unique to stand out. Your targeted list of leads deserves something original, not just some copy-pasted or rephrased ideas. Furthermore, search engines prioritize and reward sites with high-quality and authentic content.

Remember, nothing beats the original nor the classic.

Butter or Stock

Dishes are mainly categorized by the method they are cooked – such as stir-fry, deep-fry, stew, or roast. It helps the cook determine what basic ingredients to use or how to start preparing. Will I be needing oil or butter, or should I prepare stock or marinade?

Hence, before you start grasping for the terms or words, be sure you establish your goals first. Be as specific and clear as possible. Do you want to provide tips to encourage your leads to subscribe? Or do you want to share a story that could encourage them to purchase from you?

Salt and Pepper

Even before the creation of seasoning granules or pre-mixed sauces, our ancestors have divulged to flavorful foods. How? By simply adding salt and pepper to taste.

When writing your content, it’s always best to stick with the basics. The word count doesn’t determine your content, it’s the thought or the idea itself. We’ve found out that 77% of people read blogs to learn something or to get an answer faster, and 43% of them skim.

So, unless you’re writing a thesis or a novel, don’t suffocate your readers with flowery and sugar-coated words; always give them a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple).

Herbs and Spices

Just because we said you need to stick with the basics, you keep your content boring. After all, herbs and spices were created and are widely used to level up dishes that are already mouthwatering in the first place.

Don’t be one of those campaign mailers or publishers that focus on the quantity over the quality of outputs they produce. Add some humor, share a story, use metaphors – whatever your writing style is to upgrade your content. When necessary or applicable, add some visuals like photos, videos, or infographics.

Learn to make your black and white write-up colorful.

Sauce, Dip, or Soup

Everyone loves extras or complimentary stuff with their meals, and you should do the same when creating content.

Cite references, link reliable sources, or mention reputable pages – all these add value and credibility to your claims. By doing so, you build and nourish the trust of the subscribers of your blog or the leads from your mailing list.

No matter how savory your dish is, it somehow boils down to the plating. In the same way, your content will always be defined by your headline. No matter how well thought-out or well-presented your content is, if you fail to create a strongly enticing title, no one will bother to open and read it.

If you’re wise enough to buy email addresses for marketing, then you should also wisely send out or post only great content that’s with your product and brand. Gather all the right ingredients and start putting your effort into crafting the perfect content to serve your discerning clients.