What happens when a lead fails to convert? It sits in the dark abyss of your CRM seemingly lost for all eternity. The simple fact is when converting leads into sales, most of your leads will fail to convert. However, once a lead is dead, it doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back to life.

Lead resuscitation is less costly than lead generation. By going back over those dead leads, you might be able to find one with a pulse and nurture it into a conversion.

Understanding Why A Good Lead Dies

There are many reasons why a good lead goes cold. Finding the cause of lead death and where in your funnel the deal fell through will help you figure out the best way to bring them back around.


The customer might have been intrigued by your product, but didn’t have the immediate need. When you lose a customer because of bad timing, there is always a good chance you can reach them again when the time is right.

Bad Pitch

The best sales person with the best product may have the perfect customer with a need for the product. However, they could still fail to sell the product if their pitch is executed poorly. It takes time to perfect your pitch. Once your team has got it down solid, revisit those leads who served as pitch test subjects. You might be able to convince them the second time around.

Lost To A Competitor

It could have been a better price, or they just liked the features of your competition better. It doesn’t mean the war is over because the battle was lost. Research common complaints and faults in your competitor’s product or service. After some time, re-sell them on how your product overcomes your competition’s faults with a clever email marketing campaign.

Wrong Product/Service

You tried to sell them product A, but later you realize the features of product B would have been much better. Learn which sales funnel is right for your business, and then figure out how to present your products or services to your customers in the most effective way.

They Just Were Not Interested

They had no need for what you were selling or just weren’t the right target market. Sometimes, a dead lead should stay dead. Don’t waste your time on these.

Once you’ve determined how your lead died, you can get them back into the funnel on the road to a whole new customer journey.

Give Them A Friendly Reminder

As easy as it would be to bash a customer on the head and drag them back to your business, you can’t be so heavy handed when resuscitating your leads. Typically, a tactic like a drip marketing campaign that slowly sets up your sale through several points of contact over time to keep your business fresh in the customer’s mind would be good for converting cold leads. However, converting dead leads requires a more drastic approach.

Use aggressive headlines attacking the issue that failed to convert leads into sales in the first place.

Automation Is Your Friend

Using automation, your dead leads can automatically be put through the appropriate funnel after a certain amount of time. Tools such as Active Campaign allow you to create elaborate automations so your customers are never left out in the cold to rot.

Know When To Give Up

Nobody likes annoying marketers. Take the hint when a customer wants to be left alone and respect their wishes. Allow them to unsubscribe to your email and scrub those who after a few cycles still show no interest.

You could be sitting on a gold mine of quality leads you are ignoring that are in your CRM right now. Before exhausting your efforts on new leads, try to bring old ones back to life with minimal effort and at low cost.