As old as the mail itself, direct mail marketing is coming back en vogue with businesses who are trying to reach customers in a more personal way. Direct mail marketing is an expensive form of traditional marketing with traditionally low ROI compared to digital avenues. Anyone just sitting on consumer direct mail lists is wasting valuable customer contact and conversion opportunities.

Because a direct mail campaign can be costly, it is more important than ever to plan your campaign out and do it right the first time. Following these direct mail marketing tips, can save you time, money, and plenty of headaches in the future.

1. Collect Your Leads 

(Utilizing Consumer Direct Mail Lists)

If you’re going to send out a mailer, you need someone to mail to. For new and small businesses, this can be tough to do with a limited amount of contacts. Purchasing consumer direct mailing lists from a reputable company can be a cost effective way to reach out to new potential customers.

2. Identify Your Target Market

Who is this campaign for? Sending out targeted mailers has a higher response rate than a blanket campaign. Develop a speciality list for your campaign. You can filter your target audience by geographic region and demographics. For example, you could target women over 35 living within a 3-mile radius of your new hair salon, offering them a free shampoo. You could also filter based on consumer behavior, like sending discount offers to everyone who purchased a specific hair product.

Lead scoring is a process of ranking leads from most to least likely to convert. Focusing your attention on the highest quality leads saves time and money.

3. Craft Your Message and Tell Your Story

Consumers usually value savings, security, convenience, and quality. Focus on the value your business has to offer customers. A direct mail campaign rarely consists of just one mailer. Tell your brand’s story through each piece, and decide exactly what action you want customers to take for each one. The action could be to make a purchase, visit your website, or request a quote.

Increase the offer and the stakes as the campaign runs its course. For example, one mailer can focus on the new menu your restaurant has to offer (quality), and then you follow up two weeks later with a coupon deal (savings).

4. Utilize Multi-Channel Marketing Techniques

Don’t just rely on your direct mail marketing campaign to bring you success. It should tie in with the overall marketing you are doing online as well. Coordinate emails gathered from your consumer direct mail lists along with your mailers. Make sure to not hit on the same day, but close enough to keep your content relevant. Use similar language and imagery throughout your campaign to ensure a coherent and cohesive message is getting across.

5. Track And Test

Use tactics like unique offer codes or specific landing pages to track how well your campaign is doing. Test out various pieces and target audiences to see which is most successful. The more data you can gather, the more chances you have of developing a successful campaign strategy.

6. Personalize Content

Whenever you can personalize, do it. Not just on the envelope, but within the piece itself when it is reasonable to do so. Using pictures of yourself, your staff, or office helps give your customers a look into your world and builds a sense of trust.

7. Design Smart

Even the most beautiful and enticing mailing piece can fail if it is too bulky or costly to ship. Have practical dimensions because bulky or awkward designs can be costly. You only have a split second to catch your consumer’s eye, so make sure your design is crisp, clean, and not overcrowded with images or text.

8. Follow Up

Don’t be passive, follow up your mailers with emails, telemarketing, or other marketing efforts. Staying proactive during the customer journey will keep them in your marketing funnel longer.

When purchasing consumer direct mail lists always look for reputable brokers with verified leads. Spend the extra money on verified phone and email information so you can launch your campaign across various channels.