Some major brands like LUSH are deciding to quit social media over frustrations of the ever changing algorithms. In fact, many businesses are feeling the pressure to pay for exposure on social media as their organic posts are pushed farther and farther down.

Just a few years ago, social media was essential to digital marketing and one of the best ways to directly connect with your market. Brands were clamoring to create content that was engaging and fresh to drive sales. However, as more brands started to market via social media, feeds became flooded and people were dropping off the sites. Social Media platforms also saw dollar signs when they started charging brands for ad space. Below, we’ve listed some of the things you should consider before quitting social media.

Decreasing ROI

Many brands that saw an increase of sales via social media a few years ago are now noticing a dip in the sales. Also, new brands are having a difficult time climbing to the top. Creating content that captures the audience while trying to beat the algorithms that keeps organic branded content away from viewers can get costly and prove fruitless. An organic facebook post typically appears to less that 3% of followers.

The Rise of the Influencer

With so many brands selling themselves to us, how is the consumer to know what to choose? In comes the social media influencer. These people become brands themselves, selling the idea of a lifestyle people want to live. People are less likely to look for an ad to sell them a product. However, if they see it in the hands of someone they admire and trust, that makes all the difference.

Brands have noticed this and have enlisted the help of influencers around the world to promote their products. Some influencers charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for one photo of them with a product. Influencer marketing is taking over the trust factor social media profiles once provided.

Down But Not Out

Deleting your social presence entirely is not necessarily the best idea. Where social media fits in digital marketing has shifted, but can still be a useful tool in building brand trust and presence. With influencers, you often don’t get to control the conversation as much as you would on your own site. And with incidents like Fyre Festival, the role of influencers in marketing is already being threatened.

Change With The Times

If brands want to be successful on social media, they must change with the times. They need to know where their markets are and how they interact with each other. Finding new ways of creating and guiding the conversation is essential for marketers today. Memes and pithy videos are just not going to cut it any more.

Omnichannel Marketing Is The Future

The customer journey is complex and involves multiple points of contact before a customer is ready to buy. Replying on any one channel while ignoring the others is dealing a brand’s death blow. Buyer trust is difficult to come by and brands must work harder if they want to earn it.

Social media and influencer marketing is not going away by any means. It is just shifting its role in a brand’s overall marketing strategy. If you aren’t seeing returns from your social media effort, maybe it is time to take a look at your methods and figure out what role social should play in your marketing plan. Before you decide to quit social media, take all of this information into consideration.

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